Ibish Comedy

Sluts Die in Horror Films

XFL Draft 2013 Player Profile: Roy Johnson

Seriously, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Colonial Porcelain in The Grey Lady

Pajama Obama

Can't Hide From Your Sketches

Sex, Love and my Tamagotchi

Shit Guys Say About the Show 'Girls'

Person of Color

Dippin' Dots Company Announcement

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Wheels on the Bus (90's Edition)

Holiday Car Commercial

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Dave's Funeral

Waffle Tech Support

Halloween Theme (Pianist's Demise)

It's Ibish Comedy!

The Killer is Inside Your House

Sunday Gun

Interrupted Break-up

Hello, Future College Roommate

Wilson - The Sketch Writing Computer

That Special Someone

How to Gentrify Your Neighborhood

The King's Speech 2: The Queen's Speech

Inept Inception

Depressing ASPCA Commercial

The Talk

Birthday Cake Party!

About Us

Ibish Comedy is a collective of (mostly) ex-Penn State University students who now live in Brooklyn, where no other sketch comedy group exists. There are no other comedians in all of Brooklyn. We are not a stereotype.

Ibish Comedy produces videos, writes articles, sings songs, and creates other funny things in various mediums, all of which will end up here.